08 September, 2009

PTC proof to be sustainable

Paid To Click sites often to be discredited because the lack of sustainability as a business. One site appear and many others closed or discontinue without any prior notifications. This make the situation become difficult to legitimate PTC sites.
Anyway, I just concluded to one particular PTC sites that already shown their credibility and sustainability for the past several years. Some of you already knew it, Neobux PTC.
It is not because I'm the member of it, I once joined there and made investment, but because of my activity, I can not maintain my account and I have to start over again. (It's in the regulation for in-activity over 1 month).
I also joined others PTC and end up disappointed. Some do not pay instantly, and other 'disappear' after several length of time (wasting your effort).
So, here are some proof that Neobux still the best PTC in the world. You can be sure of that. Hope this experienced will be helpful for people looking at the most credible PTC around.

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