09 September, 2009

Earning Online With Affiliates Program

How to Make Money With Affiliate Programs

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Affiliate Programs are programs created by various companies to help promote their products. When you become a member which is usually for free, you can create links to put on your website or various places to promote the products. When people purchase the products through your links, you will receive a portion of the profits.


  1. To make money with affiliate programs start with Researching a topic or niche like one of the things that are most popular today ( See Google Trends).
  2. Use the Google Keyword Research Tool to further break down the niche into more specific niches. Weight loss is a popular niche but it way too broad. People want to lose weight for vacation, weddings, summer, after the holidays, for special birthdays or events. Weight loss for summer and weight loss for weddings are niches
  3. Find out how many people are searching for that topic by doing just a regular Google Search in quotes "quick weight loss". The quotes will give you how many sites there are on that topic. Try to find a topic that has under 5,000 results.
  4. Create a Website around the topic that you have chosen and provide lots of information about the topic to create interest with your visitors. Refer them to purchase the product through a newsletter.
  5. You can also promote affiliate programs without having a website if you want to do what is called article marketing. That is a process of writing articles on your product and finding free places online to post them such as article directories. You can put a link to your product with your affiliate code in some. (Be sure to check and see if you are allowed to do that.) Some place only allow a text link to your wesbite.
  6. Research long-tail keywords to target. If you are selling a weight loss product the word weight loss is too broad of target and has tons of competition. You can break it down into phrases like lose weight in two weeks or lose weight for wedding.
  7. Use the keywords strategically in your articles - in the headline, the first few sentences and throughout the body of the article to attract the search engines more.


  • Research and test, research and test, research and test


  • Results will vary

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