23 August, 2012

Just Been Paid Move to A Brand New Site

Just Been Paid (also known as JSS Tripler), has effectively Moved to a Brand New Site called Profit Clicking, It's has a great design, not like the old ones that make a controversy all around. This so called Profit Clicking is set to reach more users and members all over the world. With the new server they implemented, hope this could be true.

Frederick Mann (the owner of JSS Tripler) is said to be retired. Even though Profit Clicking owned by him also, the entire management now is under a new people. We just hope that the new management wing can support members like they used to by the old ones.

Well, for all betterment to members, I see this is surely a good sign of a long term business.

21 August, 2012

Payment Processor to Support Your Online Businesses

Here are some of the payment processors that You can registered for supporting Your online businesses. This step is crucial if You're going to managed Your businesses easily. The rate for every payment processor are different. Some only take low percentage, some take higher percentage. (vary between 4%-8% per transaction)


AlertPay (Now Payza)

Liberty Reserve

Money Booker (Now Skrill) 

EgoPay (new)

Solid Trust Pay 

If we do not have credit cards to connect with the payment processors, than You can
always buy and or sell dollars with certain merchants. But remember to always checked
the credibility of that merchant, better yet, make transactions only with the people You
well known. It's must safer that way.

09 September, 2009

An Internet Marketers Dream System That Drives Thousands of Visitors To Your Websites!

My List Frog is truly a revolutionary new state-of-the-art list building system designed to drive thousands of visitors to your websites resulting in higher converting traffic, conversions, and sales and enables you to build your list 10 levels deep, while being able to leap over thousands of prospects ahead of you, giving you the opportunity to mail them all, and reach fresh new prospects all the time!

My List Frog also has an incredible new Viral Text Ad System that allows you to have your ads displayed across THOUSANDS of sites in a matter of minutes with the help of members that use the Viral Text Ad Link Cloaker system to advertise their own offers all over the internet! When they send traffic to their VTACL, an ad frame at the bottom of the screen pops up with random text/banner ads that are displayed everywhere in seconds!

Members also get Viral Text Ad Credits for sending traffic to their sites resulting in residual free advertising for their existing text/banner ads in the system!

This truly is a remarkable new site, and just want the internet needs to have in this ever growing industry!

As soon as you sign up, you are instantly credited an automatic $5 commission bonus too!

Plus on sign up, you also receive 1 solo ad, 1000 mailing credits, and 2000 viral ad credits!

Jaye even created this incredible new system called Full Page Ads that allows us to advertise our entire website to all members of My List Frog as soon as they login, and they have the option of earning credits!

Earning Online With Affiliates Program

How to Make Money With Affiliate Programs

from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit

Affiliate Programs are programs created by various companies to help promote their products. When you become a member which is usually for free, you can create links to put on your website or various places to promote the products. When people purchase the products through your links, you will receive a portion of the profits.


  1. To make money with affiliate programs start with Researching a topic or niche like one of the things that are most popular today ( See Google Trends).
  2. Use the Google Keyword Research Tool to further break down the niche into more specific niches. Weight loss is a popular niche but it way too broad. People want to lose weight for vacation, weddings, summer, after the holidays, for special birthdays or events. Weight loss for summer and weight loss for weddings are niches
  3. Find out how many people are searching for that topic by doing just a regular Google Search in quotes "quick weight loss". The quotes will give you how many sites there are on that topic. Try to find a topic that has under 5,000 results.
  4. Create a Website around the topic that you have chosen and provide lots of information about the topic to create interest with your visitors. Refer them to purchase the product through a newsletter.
  5. You can also promote affiliate programs without having a website if you want to do what is called article marketing. That is a process of writing articles on your product and finding free places online to post them such as article directories. You can put a link to your product with your affiliate code in some. (Be sure to check and see if you are allowed to do that.) Some place only allow a text link to your wesbite.
  6. Research long-tail keywords to target. If you are selling a weight loss product the word weight loss is too broad of target and has tons of competition. You can break it down into phrases like lose weight in two weeks or lose weight for wedding.
  7. Use the keywords strategically in your articles - in the headline, the first few sentences and throughout the body of the article to attract the search engines more.


  • Research and test, research and test, research and test


  • Results will vary

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08 September, 2009

Clickbank for affiliates?

How to Build a Successful Online Affiliate Program

from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit

There are five steps to build a successful Online Affiliate Program. As you follow these steps, you'll discover exactly how an expert affiliate marketer does business. There is a definite formula involved in making a serious income from affiliate programs.That formula involves targeting a profitable market, finding hot products for that market, and then driving market-specific traffic towards a sales funnel that is designed for high conversions.


  1. Find A Hot Profitable And Rabid Market
  2. Find 3 High Converting Affiliate Programs In Your Market
  3. Write A Review Article For One Product, And Place This Review On Your Opt-In Page
  4. Drive market-specific traffic to the opt-in page to build your list
  5. Follow Up With Your List With More Information


  • Find A Hot Profitable And Rabid Market - Your first step is to find a hot, profitable and rabid market. Finding the right market to target is critical to your success. The Market Selection Process - The market selection process first begins with you. Start by examining your areas of knowledge, and the things you are passionate about. The reason behind this is simple. It is easier to work in a market you enjoy and know something about.Exploring Your Market Ideas - The next step in the process is to explore the Internet to find out whether there are any existing products in your market. In order to get this big picture, you need to go where your market’s products are sold. (e.g. amazon.com and Clickbank).Keyword Research - Each time someone enters search keywords into a search engine; those searches are stored in a database. By having access to information about what people are searching for, you can improve your web site's search engine ranking, target your advertising and uncover online markets more easily.In order to do keyword research, you need a way to access the data the search engines have collected. You can do this online, from your web browser, or you can use desktop software. For example - Google External Keyword Tool(free) and Overture/Yahoo Suggestion Tool(free).
  • Find 3 High Converting Affiliate Programs In Your Market - The main criterion in choosing a program is conversion rate. The higher the "gravity" number under the product title the better the product is converting. "% referred” is representing the numbers of sales for this product have been referred by affiliates. There is another reason why this information is important, and it also points to the 2nd criteria to use in selection an affiliate program. It is to make sure the merchant is not aggressively competing with their affiliates!
  • Write A Review Article For One Product, And Place This Review On Your Opt-In Page - There are four reasons for writing a full-length product review that gives valuable information to your market:i) Your role is to be an information provider, ii)Giving people valuable information up front improves your credibility, iii) People want and need this information. Show them that you provide it, and you will get tons of subscribers onto your list.How To Write An Affiliate Review Article - i)Gather crucial elements for writing affiliate review from the sales page, ii)Find discussions about the product on message boards and forums, iii)Contact testimonials on the sales page to check with them about their experience with the product, iV)Contact the product owner and ask if they provide “review copies” of their product to affiliates.
  • Drive market-specific traffic to the opt-in page to build your list - Focus have to focus on driving traffic (visitors) to your affiliate review opt-in page. More importantly, this traffic must be targeted, and market-specific.You'll roll this knowledge into a traffic generation campaign that utilizes: i) Articles to 'steal' search engine traffic, ii) Pay-per-click advertising,iii) Message boards and groups,iv) Social networking, v) Blogs
  • Follow Up With Your List With More Information - In keeping with your role as an information provider, it’s crucial that you build your relationship with your list by providing as much timely, useful information as possible. The key is to always have some form of information in front of your list, especially between the 'gaps' in each autoresponder sequence, and often in the middle of an ongoing sequence.There are two ways to do this: i)Insert informational emails or newsletters between autoresponder sequences, and have these messages direct subscribers over to your blog, ii)Use your autoresponder to broadcast 'one time' messages to your list.


  • This is a success Formulae and please remember do not jump from one to another. It should be executed in the proper sequence as stated above.

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