22 December, 2008

Legitimate Work From Home (with small fee to start)

There are many work from home offers out there, but I have search and looking for more reviews myself, and I can only recommend some of them, if you really want to have money working from home. I'm talking about "working" here, so with a small of fees, you could have a sustainability of your source of income.
Ok, here goes with the great reviews:
---My Data Team---
I'm not included others, because there still some negatives reviews on several sites.
Hope you can looked in to it first..pay attention on other reviews and make decisions.

18 November, 2008

What's the deal with Downline Secrets 2?

If you haven't heard yet... James Grandstaff
has released "Part 2" of his "Downline Secrets."

Before I get to my review, I thought I should
play a little catch-up in case you have no
clue as to what Downline Secrets "Part 1" is

Basically with Downline Secrets part 1 you
get free access to a recorded call between
Mike Filsaime and James Grandstaff. Mike asks
James questions about the success he had
using InstantBuzz.com (a free advertising
resource) to grow his downline.

You get access to the MP3 and PDF transcript
of the call (which is nice because I don't
always like to sit in front of my PC to read
or listen to content.)

During the call James reveals how he used
his free Instant Buzz traffic along with his
(now proven) 3 step strategy to explode his
downline into the thousands on complete auto

The cool part is he did it while maintaining
his full time job as a PC support technician
in Michigan.

And from there you have the opportunity to
buy the same software that James developed
to grow his downline and use it to grow your
downline in any program you happen to be
involved in.

So all-in-all DownlineSecrets.com is a great
site and offers a lot of great info for free
on how to build your downline using the web.

What makes Downline Secrets "Part 2" so much
better is that it takes over where Downline
Secrets 1 left off.

What I mean is this...

With Downline Secrets 1 you were left to
figure out all the technical stuff in order
to duplicate James' results for your MLM
business. The software and detailed videos
are fantastic but you still have to come up
with the web copy, the hosting, the HTML
page design and so on... The yucky stuff.

Let's just say his target market is much
smaller because if you don't have the much
needed technical skills or the money to hire
those with the skills, you are pretty much
out of luck and can't fully benefit from
the entire system he is teaching.

This time around you get access to a call
between James Grandstaff and Chris Zavadowski
who is also very successful in the MLM scene.
He grills James for over an hour and gets
all the must know secrets out of him.

The system James is offering this time is
over the top! He covers all the technical
stuff for us this time and everything is
completely set-up. All the technical issues
have been removed. This is great because
more people can now truly benefit from his
teachings and proven system.

Now, I want to let you in on something...

Once you register for the call below you
will see an offer for James' Elite upgrade
membership. All I can say is ==> TAKE IT!

It's only $47 bucks and for what you get
it's simply mind blowing!

In a nut shell... he's offering you a
professional designed lead capture page
that gives away a customized version of
his new manuscript called 'How to Get Rich
Building a LAZY Downline!'

This PDF is first customized with your
affiliate links to several "generic" MLM
training resources. As you give this thing
away you will earn commissions from those
you refer who upgrade in any of the programs.

And since they're all MLM related, the
conversion rates should be extremely high!

All you do is simply advertise the lead
capture page via the special link you get
and James' software sends an email to your
prospects (with a link to your customized

Everything is on auto-pilot!

Oh, and don't worry, the traffic aspect is
even handled for you. Be sure to check out
the bonus that's included :-)

See, I told you this thing was awesome.

As you can see, I'm totally excited about
this because it's refreshing to see a great
product come along that is truly capable of
changing the lives of others.

So yes, Downline Secrets 2 gets my highest

Sign up below and buy everything ;)

Here's the link:
Take care of your business and yourself :-)


15 October, 2008

Supermarket & Shopping on The Net

This is a new way of shopping online, many people nowadays really like to shop online, because they do not have to go out through traffic etc, less cost for gas, less timing, and easy to do. They just have to browse the products and select whichever they want or need, making a payment also through the internet and voila.. the goods coming right on their door step.

What makes people enjoy marketing through internet is because of the simplicity of the steps they have to make. With the new way of affiliates marketing, they can get benefit from promoting this kind of sites.. it helps the producers of goods to have more and more customers, and we also have the benefit of any purchases people make.

One of the best until now for shopping online is Wholesale & Dropship
This particular services got the most response from all over the world.. Just check it out, and we can also become their affiliates too. Hope this information will make a benefit for you.
Good luck..

08 September, 2008

Legitimate PTC sites

The PTC sites that I recommended earlier are not guaranteed 100% that they are legitimate, but I hope that people will do actually check them out also by looking the review here: (click on the list)

PTC Talk
Valid PTC

You should really checked them all out if you have decided to earn money online with spreading account on PTC's. This I know because I've been a victim also on scammed PTC's. So without delaying more of your time, just be careful. Success To You All.

03 September, 2008

How To Get Real Income From PTC sites ?

First of all, you have to spread your account (register/usually FREE)
to several PTC sites (monitored and credible PTC sites),
then you spend 1-2 hours clicking ads everyday.
If you want to exceed your income, then combine it with promotion
through Traffic sites available, there are many of them in
very good ratings..
Several PTC (Paid To Click) sites recommended
(You just click on every sites on the list, right click and
open in new window is more efficient) :

Neobux (highly recommended)-----design,interface,admin,forum,payment.
Isabelmarco (highly recommended)-design,interface,admin,forum,payment.
Ara-Bux (highly recommended)----interface,admin,forum,payment.
Crewbux (Recommended)-----------design,interface,forum,payment.
Take The Globe
Net Cash Bux
Aria PTC

[I've removed some PTC's that are not worth to try, because
based on experienced and managed it for few weeks, some are
definitely wasting your time and investments,I try to be as
objective as I can]

There are also other places (programs) to make money online,
but you have to invest some money in it (small amount) :

2 Dollar Biz
Deep Cycler

Traffic sites recommended
(To promote your PTC link sites and Affiliate sites above so
you can have referrals):

Hit2Hit (highly recommended)
Trafficera (highly recommended)
EasyHits4U (highly recommended)
Traffic Digger
Blue Surf
Mythology Surf
Traffic G (recommended)
Asia Targeted Traffic
Fast Easy Traffic
Traffic Splash (highly recommended)
I Love Hits
Traffic Bunnies
Deep Sea Hits
Hit Safari
TS25 (Traffic Syndicate)
Traffic Taxis
Lords of Traffic (recommended)
Traffic Swarm (recommended)
Traffic Round Up

It's just simple theory that you can implemented
right away without lots of thinking, because it's FREE,
you don't have to pay anything (except if you want more services
from them).

If you are serious in making money online, then I suggest you
created basic account in several payment processor, so you can
send and received money more comfortable, they are :

Liberty Reserve

Paypal needs confirmation with your Credit Card.
AlertPay needs confirmation with copy of your valid ID
+ billing statement (scanned and submitted).
Liberty Reserve (more flexible).

Most of the PTC sites use AlertPay, some of them use Paypal
and also both of them. So I suggest you create all the account

I will update the list when I get the new information.
Thank You for visiting my Blog.