03 September, 2008

How To Get Real Income From PTC sites ?

First of all, you have to spread your account (register/usually FREE)
to several PTC sites (monitored and credible PTC sites),
then you spend 1-2 hours clicking ads everyday.
If you want to exceed your income, then combine it with promotion
through Traffic sites available, there are many of them in
very good ratings..
Several PTC (Paid To Click) sites recommended
(You just click on every sites on the list, right click and
open in new window is more efficient) :

Neobux (highly recommended)-----design,interface,admin,forum,payment.
Isabelmarco (highly recommended)-design,interface,admin,forum,payment.
Ara-Bux (highly recommended)----interface,admin,forum,payment.
Crewbux (Recommended)-----------design,interface,forum,payment.
Take The Globe
Net Cash Bux
Aria PTC

[I've removed some PTC's that are not worth to try, because
based on experienced and managed it for few weeks, some are
definitely wasting your time and investments,I try to be as
objective as I can]

There are also other places (programs) to make money online,
but you have to invest some money in it (small amount) :

2 Dollar Biz
Deep Cycler

Traffic sites recommended
(To promote your PTC link sites and Affiliate sites above so
you can have referrals):

Hit2Hit (highly recommended)
Trafficera (highly recommended)
EasyHits4U (highly recommended)
Traffic Digger
Blue Surf
Mythology Surf
Traffic G (recommended)
Asia Targeted Traffic
Fast Easy Traffic
Traffic Splash (highly recommended)
I Love Hits
Traffic Bunnies
Deep Sea Hits
Hit Safari
TS25 (Traffic Syndicate)
Traffic Taxis
Lords of Traffic (recommended)
Traffic Swarm (recommended)
Traffic Round Up

It's just simple theory that you can implemented
right away without lots of thinking, because it's FREE,
you don't have to pay anything (except if you want more services
from them).

If you are serious in making money online, then I suggest you
created basic account in several payment processor, so you can
send and received money more comfortable, they are :

Liberty Reserve

Paypal needs confirmation with your Credit Card.
AlertPay needs confirmation with copy of your valid ID
+ billing statement (scanned and submitted).
Liberty Reserve (more flexible).

Most of the PTC sites use AlertPay, some of them use Paypal
and also both of them. So I suggest you create all the account

I will update the list when I get the new information.
Thank You for visiting my Blog.