08 September, 2009

Work At Home

How to Find the Perfect Work at Home Opportunity

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So, you're thinking about going solo and working from home. You're fed up with the corporate jungle, your commute is too long, your work is under-appreciated and you want more time with your family. Great! Join the millions who work from home. But before you make the leap, you find an opportunity that would satisfy your needs.


  1. Identify your reasons for wanting to work at home.
  2. Decide what you would like to do-- health industry, typing, medical transcription, writing, etc..
  3. Designate the amount of money you can afford to spend. This money is only for material and items you may need to carry out the type of work you wind up doing. You should never pay someone to work for them. If a potential job opportunity is asking you to pay them to work for them, you know it is a scam.
  4. Talk to friends, family who may work at home. Ask them how it is working for them.
  5. Use the Yellow Pages to find Networking Groups in your area (i.e. BNI, NRG, and Chamber of Commerce).
  6. Search the Internet for Networking Groups, forums and NewsGroups as well as work-at-home groups. Ask questions as to how they got started.
  7. Most importantly, aside from learning about working at home on your own, most often, we benefit much more when other people are there to help. You need people that have experience and expertise in working from home, but more importantly, you need successful, driven individuals that have created their own financial stability.
  8. Get to work, action is key to success, thinking and talking never yield results.

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  • There may be tax advantages to working from home.
  • Remember it's still a job even though you work from home, so make sure to treat it as such. Work when you are scheduled and stick to that schedule.

If this interests you go to www.elisalinberg.com and read my history.


  • You'll likely have a higher level of anxiety, considering that it's up to you to produce your salary.
  • With your office close at hand, it's easy to work long hours. A typical workweek can be 50 or more hours. If possible, set up your home office in a separate room dedicated only to business, and close the door at a reasonable time each day.
  • Beware of distractions, TV, radio and Internet surfing.
  • Allow time for family, but make sure to set guidelines as to when you can and can't be bothered.
  • Never procrastinate. Always take action now.

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